Quit Smoking Marijuana – Benefits

Across the globe there are people that smoke marijuana as if it were a religion. It is the most used illegal drug worldwide.

There is no drug like it, marijuana provides the most tranquil feeling I have ever experienced. But marijuana slowly took control of my life, it became a daily habit and my life changed for the worse. At the time, I didn’t even notice.

Are the relaxing properties of marijuana worth all of this? I don’t think so, not even close. I chose to quit smoking marijuana for good.

I have made a list of reasons of the benefits to help you quit smoking marijuana. I guarantee if you smoke marijuana you can relate directly to most of the items on this list and help motivate you to quit smoking marijuana.

Quit smoking marijuana benefits list-

1. Feel whole in yourself

2. Guilt free

3. No bottomless pit of a stomach

4. Boost in your confidence

5. Confidence to take on any challenge

6. Be more outgoing

7. Have conversation without fear

8. No paranoia

9. A want for self improvement

10. Clearer and healthier lungs

11. Less stress (seriously)

12. Self control

13. Increased mental dexterity

14. More articulate

15. Greatly improved short term memory

Need more reasons to quit smoking marijuana?

16. Deal with stressful situations calmly

17. Increased energy

18. Reduction of depression

19. Deeper interactions with your friends

20. No social anxiety

21. Sharper focus

22. Enjoy the simple things in life

23. A stack of cash

24. Confidence to try new things

25. Increased humility

26. Willing to ask others if you need help

27. Better relations with your partner

28. Ability to learn new things

29. Improved all round fitness

30. Enviromentally friendly, no need to waste power growing weed and using hazardous chemicals

Have you ever thought to quit smoking marijuana?

31. High self confidence

32. Less paranoia

33. Safer driver

34. No struggle to find good marijuana

35. No need to hang around with dealers

36. Not funding organized crime

37. True and strong bonds with your friends

38. Not controlled by an addiction

39. Intimate dreams

40. Save time

41. Higher levels of communication

42. Clear thoughts

43. Smooth, non husky breathing

44. No risk of legal implications

45. Increased joy and happiness

You can quit smoking marijuana!

46. Self respect

47. Spare time

48. Less sleep required

49. Find a new self

50. Look and feel rested

51. No time limit on your good moods

52. Calmer mood transitions

53. Improved smell and taste

54. Improved will power

55. Intelligent thoughts, that make sense to others

56. Patience

57. Increased mental endurance

58. Focus to finish a job

59. Feel rested in the morning

60. The return of wit

Source by Jenni Davies

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