12 Phrases and Medical Marijuana Definitions Growers Should Add To their Vocabulary

Medical marijuana growers should already know the techniques and strategies to growing quality pot and may be familiar with many medical marijuana definitions. But that’s not all they should know. Additionally, these are twelve phrases every medical marijuana grower should add to their vocabulary.


12 Medical Marijuana Definitions

medical marijuana definitions

1. Sativa and Indica

The effects are marijuana are dependent on what the strain is mostly made up of. Strains dominant in Sativa are great for day-use, as they produce less of a sedative effect. Many people consider Sativa to give a “head high”, inciting feeling or euphoria and energy. Strains dominant in Indica are considered a relaxing high and are better for evening use. Indica is commonly used most often used for relieving pain, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite, muscle tension and more.

2. THC

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive found in marijuana that makes you feel relaxed or euphoric. The amount of THC in marijuana can vary, with some strains containing up to 33 percent. The higher the THC content of a strain, the more potent the effects. THC has many medical benefits but is best known for increasing appetite.

3. CBD

CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is a compound found in marijuana that is of big interest to the medical cannabis community. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effect like THC, but still has a variety of health benefits. CBD has already known to have many benefits for those suffering from autism, epilepsy and other nerve-related conditions.

4. Strains

Strains are grown for their unique qualities. There are pure strains of marijuana, which are either Indica or Sativa, as well as hybrid strains. New varieties are always being developed to enhance certain flavors, smells and qualities. Strains typically have creative names like White Widow, Yellow Haze and Northern Lights.

5. Proposition 215

This proposition passed in 1996, making medical marijuana legal in the state of California. Since then, many more states have decided to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. If you’re interested in growing medicinal cannabis, you should become familiar with the different laws and changes.

6. Medible

This recently coined phrase describes all the variety of goodies with marijuana included. You can get all sorts of items, such as teas, candy, chocolate and more. Researchers have noted that eating THC creates longer lasting effects than smoking. Edible marijuana products, or medibles, are even healthier than smoking.

7. Shake

If you’re interested in growing medicinal cannabis, you should learn the different parts of the plant. Shake is the lowest form of marijuana, consisting of all the buds, stems and seeds. Some people like using this type of marijuana for making weed butter, which can then be used to make baked goods. While this weed can be smoked, many consider it too low quality.

8. Weed butter

Weed butter, also known as cannabutter, is used in many types of edible cannabis products, especially for medicinal purposes. Many growers will go through a process to turn marijuana into weed butter. This butter can then be used to make a variety of treats containing THC. Some popular treats are brownies, cookies and candy.

9. Clone

Understanding what clones are is especially important if you are considering growing cannabis. A clone is a clipping from a marijuana plant, which can then be planted and grown. Cloning will essentially create an exact copy of the plant you already have. Cloning is a great way to start new plants without having to germinate new seeds. Most new cannabis strains are created through different clones.

10. The Curing Process

This process is important when growing a healthy, successful marijuana plant. After being harvested and dried, the plant’s flowers are put into air-tight containers which slow the drying. This allows the process to happen more gradually, which in turn maximizes the flavor and smoke qualities. Think of it like a cigar or bottle of wine which gets better with age.

11. Medicated

In the medical cannabis community, the word “stoned” is starting to be replaced by “medicated”. The majority of medical cannabis growers believe that marijuana can act as a medication, and therefore smoking is being medicated. This is a way to make the community sound more professional overall as well as promote the various health benefits of cannabis.

12. Recreational

Everyone in the cannabis community should know the difference between medicinal and recreational. While medicinal marijuana is supposed to act as a medication, like mentioned above, recreational marijuana is purely for fun. States tend to pass laws allowing medical use before recreational use. Some states that currently allow recreational use are California, Colorado, Alaska and others.

If you’re interested in the medical side of the cannabis industry, it can be important to expand your vocabulary. Here are twelve phrases that every medical cannabis grower should know.

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