LED Grow Light – Accessories and Types of LEDs

An LED grow light is easily the most popular and preferred type of grow light that is available on the market today. The main reason why they sell out faster than other kinds of grow lights is that they have an awesome number of advantages that different grow lights do not even come close to emulating. Obviously if you are getting an LED grow light and in return saving huge costs over the years, then you would want this rather than other grow lights. Interestingly you can find an LED grow light in different forms and shapes, and many will come with some handy accessories as well, making life even easier.

If you have only a couple of plants that you are growing indoors and they occupy only a limited space, then one of the best options for you where the types of LED light are concerned, is the LED spotlight. They are a little pricey with one bulb only costing at least $ 15, but the benefits they offer are vast and so it is always money well spent. Plus again if you buy it for plants that are taking up a little space, then one LED spotlight will be more than enough. With a weight of only 0.l kg, a brightness level of 80-90 lumens and a power factor of two watts, this LED light spotlight will last for a few years and will be extremely environmentally friendly. The low power consumption means that you will rarely see any increase in your electricity bill.

If you have a greenhouse and are growing plants outdoor, then the best option for you relative to an LED light is to get them in the shape of the LED light panel. They have zero maintenance costs and an area coverage that is quite wide. They can be used with any indoor growing method including hydrophonics, soil or aeroponics and leave no thermal footprint. They are safe to operate and require no additional cooling equipment as they are only warm to the touch, regardless of how long they have been on. Most will come with a two year warranty as well.

Some manufacturers supply with their brand of the LED grow light a personal color changing remote control. The main of such a remote control is to change the light source color, and has the options of red, blue and green. You will find that the best quality ones will be made out of PC shell and have an aluminum housing. They will usually come in standard dimensions of 500mm by 58 mm, height by width respectively. These remote controls are quite light weight and have a brightness factor of 140 lumens. The input voltage specifications are 100-240 volts. Such remotes have a good coverage distance of around six meters. In general such remote controls will features a couple of main functions including the ability to turn a bulb on and off and have a flash, strobe, fade, smooth and dimming capability.

Source by Robert Fogarty

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