Grow Tent Equipment: iPower GLTIME 125 Volt 24 Hour Heavy Duty Plug-in Mechanical…

iPower GLTIME 125 Volt 24 Hour Heavy Duty Plug-in Mechanical…

Price: $9.99 - $8.99
(as of Nov 17,2017 23:32:53 UTC – Details)

iPower 24 Hour Heavy Duty Plug-in Mechanical Timer can be easily used both indoor and outdoor as digital kitchen timer, garden timer and more. Automates fans, lamps, lights, sprinklers, seasonal/ decorative/ holiday & Christmas lighting, illumination, heat, A/C, and other electronic appliances. The light timer can control up to 48 groups of ON/OFF switch. Several timing combinations can be set such as hourly, daily, weekly and group of the weeks. Settings Automatically Repeat Every 24 Hours


  • Length: 4.7 inches
  • Width: 2.75 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Rated Voltage: 125VAC, 15A, 60 Hz, 1/2HP, 1725W

Life’s a Breeze with iPower

Always on schedule, always be cool

  • Automate lights to turn on and off, morning and night
  • Automate AC, heater or fans to turn on before arriving home
  • Automate coffee maker to start before you get up
  • Automate battery chargers to avoid over-charging; extends the life of the battery 

Small Red Led light is Output Indicator


Programming Example:

Assume it is 08:05 AM, and you want to set timer on between 8:30AM ~ 9:45AM

1. Set Current Time

  • Rotate the dial CLOCKWISE until the arrow aligns to 08:05 AM

2. Set Timer to be “”ON””

  • Push down all the pins between 8:30AM & 9:45AM



  1. Please Double Check AM/PM. Black Part is for 12AM ~ 12PM; White Part is for 12PM ~ 12AM
  2. Each Pin Represents 15 minutes
  3. If you plug the timer between 8:20 AM and 10:40 AM, it will not turn on the appliance right away so as to avoid power surge


15 MINUTE ON/OFF, 24 HOUR Setting, 48 ON/OFF Programs. Settings Automatically Repeat Every 24 Hours. Grounded 3-Prong design to ensure safety use
Rated Voltage: 125VAC, 15A, 60 Hz, 1/2HP, 1725W
Automates fans, lamps, lights, sprinklers, seasonal/ decorative/ holiday & Christmas lighting, illumination, heater, A/C, and other electronics to help reduce energy and save money
Essential for everyday home kitchen use, compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs, all hydroponic system applications
UL Listed, 1 year manufacturer warranty


What is a grow tent kit and what’s included?

Grow Tent kits offer the quality components and are sized accordingly for the given space and are designed to integrate together properly. Some of the features of the different combo kits will vary since each model is aimed at a particular growing space and a specific set of growing needs. So it is useful to know which units are most commonly used, and also what the different features are. To this end, here are the basic functions of an all-in-one growing package in general, and the benefits of buying one.
The necessary components are:

  1. Grow tent (usually a water-repellent, externally opaque and internally reflecting synthetic material for maximal lighting).
  2. LED Grow lights, hangars, fixtures and clamps.
  3. Ventilators, air filters and cooling units (important for keeping temperature and humidity under control)
  4. Ordinary fans for cooling those working inside the tent.
  5. A water-repellent floor mat or foil for covering the floor.
  6. Rods, beams and connectors that would make up the tent’s frame
  7. Digital thermometers and pressure indicators.

As mentioned above, a grow tent kit (combo package) combines all the essential components of a grow room with a durable growing tent to offer a one-stop solution for people who are looking to get started quickly but also want to avoid many of the mismatches and errors of judgment that are part and parcel of setting up a grow tent for the first time.

Even though the assembly would still have to be completed by the person, the elements are such that the assembly can be rapid and quick. These are especially fantastic for those who really do not have the total know-how to appropriately layout their technique, or who might not have the time to tediously investigation the particular person parts in depth.

Working with just one of these combo kits is a good option for the hobbyist or specialist alike, or someone who’s method has experienced harm or theft and who want to assemble a new improve tent for their crops speedily and simply. Or, if you ever have to relocate, you can just take the full kit and shift it and reassemble it. This is a major comfort of a increase tent (amid other benefits) compared to building lasting constructions.

That’s why, a very good grow combo kit must involve all elements that a grower would commonly will need, along with adequate applications to let him/her to assemble the item quickly and with out professional guidance.

What are the benefits of a grow tent kit?

I have listened to of so several men and women to do a lousy occupation of coming up with their grow process, and finish up with not enough lights for the area, or squander their cash on the completely wrong lighting or other incorrect decisions. In this scenario, the combo kit has been made and set collectively by specialists, so you can assume remarkable final results!

The major benefits of choosing a grow tent kit over purchasing the components separately are:

  • Cheaper than buying separate individual components – All-in-one grow tents kits are created by companies that source the individual components in bulk from the factories and thus can pass on a percentage of their lower buying costs to the consumer. Hence, the combined cost of a combo kit is often far lower than that of the individual components in the open market.
  • No guesswork, convenient solution – Putting together a growing tent can be a risky process since it is not known whether the tent, lights, cooling systems and other vital components would match with one another. Combo kits, on the other hand, are put together by experts who have experimented with a wide range of combinations and recommend the correct one based on experience. The amateur grower benefits from such experience when the parts shipped complement each other perfectly.
  • Optimal space-light equilibrium – Most LED grow lights are optimized for a certain area distribution. Such distribution can be further changed using proper lenses and reflecting shades. Such calculations are difficult to carry out and further, even the best calculations might fall flat if the tent is not sized correctly. These combo kits offer tents that have just the right amount of space and optimal internal reflectivity for the lighting included.
  • Grow tents have proven effective – Compared to grow rooms, grow tents are spaces created specifically for the purpose of growing plants. Hence, they lack many of the complexities that a grow room, which was originally a closet, an attic, a basement or a spare living room, may have. Instead, the surfaces of the tents are smooth and their dimensions are uniform, allowing for maximum spread of lighting. Coupled with great space-light equilibrium, this makes growing in tents an interesting and effective option.
  • Benefits of LED lighting – Contrary to what they were in earlier days, LED grow lights today are cooler, more efficient, less cumbersome (because of lack of a ballast) and far cheaper than what they were before. This makes LED grow tents the best variant of tents available in the market.

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