Grow Lights: Rozway Premium Dual Head LED Grow Light | HIGH YIELDS | 10W …

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Rozway Premium Dual Head LED Grow Light | HIGH YIELDS | 10W …

Happiness Is A Thriving Plant!

Are you worried about your home plants not getting enough light during the long dull, cold winter period?

Are you looking for a SAFE, EFFICIENT and ECONOMICAL way to boost your office plants’ growth, turning your work environment into a lush green, inspiring environment?

Introducing The High-End Rozway Dual Head Growth Lamp For Healthy, Thriving Indoor Plants!

Worry no more about the light needs of your plants THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and support their development in the most natural way!

Boost the photosynthesis process in the most efficient way, under the light emitted by a new generation dual grow light bulb and watch your plants bloom, grow leaves and seeds in perfect health!

A Lush Touch Of Green

With 10 LED lights emitting in the wavelength of light that generates photosynthesis, Rozway Dual LED Plant Lamp will boost CHLOROPHYLL PRODUCTION to promote leaf and stem growth and assist photosynthesis for fast, healthy blooming and seeding.

Turn it on for 8-16 HOURS A DAY to help your plants stay healthy and BRING NATURE HOME!

Fully adjustable to the specific needs of your own home, office or greenhouse, our dual head lamp features 360-degree rotating gooseneck arms to target specific garden areas, while the dual switch allows convenient, independent use of each of the two LED grow lights.

Show Off Your Excellent Taste

Offer this AMAZING GIFT to your loved nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts and win the impressions! Help them compliment their home décor and make their plants thrive and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile!

Purchase Your Rozway Dual LED Plant Lights Now & Have Your Plants Thankful!

🌱 HELP YOUR PLANTS THRIVE WITH A HIGH TECH GROW LIGHT: Boost the photosynthesis process with the appropriate light wavelength and help your indoor plants thrive with the Rozway premium DUAL HEAD LED Grow Light! Treat your plants to the benefits of 10 LED lamp beads composed of 6 RED + 4 BLUE LIGHTS. Our Light imitates sunlight and speeds up development to help plants bloom and grow leaves and seeds in perfect health!
🌼 A GODSEND FOR LUSH GREEN INDOORS: Liven up your home or office desk décor with lush blooming plants growing in health and safety with this high-end dual grow light bulb! With a sturdy METAL CLAMP to be firmly fixed on any surface, Rozway Dual Head Growing Light makes a MUST-HAVE for home, Greenhouse, Flower Show, Family balcony Seeding. Growing Herbs and Spices, in dull winter days when plants need more light or during the demanding blooming period in spring.
🌟 TOP ENERGY POWER SAVING GROW LIGHT: LOW ON POWER CONSUMPTION, Rozway LED plant light makes an excellent ENERGY SAVING grow lamp. Save money on electricity bills and reduce your energy consumption, boosting your plants growth with a premium grow lamp with a lifespan of over 50000 hours!
🌹 HAPPY PLANTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK + LIFETIME FULL WARRANTY: Taking pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our LED plant lights, we are backing our product with money-back policy + LIFETIME FULL WARRANTY for quality issues. If you are not positively thrilled with our product, contact us and we will fully refund you. To us, YOUR satisfaction is top notch!
💥THE NEW GENERATION IN HYDROPONIC GROW LIGHTS: Adjust your LED plant light to the needs of your plants and boost their growth in maximum efficiency! The adjustable 360 SWIVEL GOOSENECK arms allow for targeting specific plant areas, while the DUAL SWITCH enables you to use independently each one of the two head lamps without plugging/ unplugging the socket! MULTIPURPOSE USE – You Can use this light for more than just a grow light! Our light can be used as a desk lamp for a bedroom or office.


LED Grow Lights Buying Guide

If you are new to indoor growing or looking for a led grow light guide to help you choose the best LED grow light, there are several things to consider. When choosing LED grow lights, this buying guide might help you make a better decision.

Many horticultural growers in the modern world could benefit from using LED lights if they knew which grow lights would be best for them. However, not many of them know how to pick the best. For a full, comprehensive guide see our Ultimate Guide.

First, a simple definition: The acronym LED simply refers to Light Emitting Diode, which is a relatively small bulb of light. To produce adequate amount of light required for a given purpose, the diodes are used in great numbers, and in different colors.

The latest generation lights use the more efficient COB (Chip on Board) LED technology. Horticulturalists generally use LED lights for both personal and professional purposes.

The LED bulbs and LED COB modules used in the LED industry have long lives and are very efficient. Available in different colors, they provide an efficient and convenient alternative to natural light for indoor plants.

The lights are necessary to accelerate plant growth and aid in the photosynthesis process. As more people adopt the practice of indoor growth of plants, the use of light emitting diodes also continues to grow.

With demand, technology evolves, improving the advantages already apparent in LED lights. Such advantages include the ability of the user to control the provision of light required by the plants. For that reason, it is advisable to choose the best LED grow light that you can find based on the type of plants you grow.

How to Choose

Many growers still do not know a proper method to apply when selecting the LED grow lights. Growers choose LED fixtures because they conserve energy and maximize production. Here are five points to observe when evaluating LED lights.

  1. Choose LED fixtures with adjustable output spectrum

Given that the LED arrays these days often come with different color LEDs, you need a solution that allows you to manage the light output spectrum according to your choice of plants or seasons. For example, you can match the colors to flowering season, or to summer time.

By varying the light output, you can simulate the seasonal light changes to suit the growing circle of the plant.

  1. Select LED fixtures with high power cooling system that works

High power LED fixtures need cooling, just like computer CPUs. For that reason, you need a heat sink and a fan. Since the LED fixtures do not radiate any heat, they have a metal pad that provides the way for heat to leave the LED.

  1. Look for fixtures that are mounted on a metal core printed circuit board (or MCPCB for short), which is a space-grade technology for electronics that operate at high temperature

The device is better than the normal device circuit board and you will need it for the high levels of power that your LEDs use.

  1. Make sure your circuit board is mounted to a sizable heat sink, preferably one with several fins

With more fins, the circuit board is able to spread heat out faster to aid faster cooling. This is important to prevent failures caused by single fins, leading to overheating and  damage to the LED fixture.

  1. Consider LED fixtures with constant current driver circuit

When buying LED fixtures consider the electronic current circuit that powers your LED lights. The role of the electronic current circuit, or driver circuit as it is professionally known, is to convert AC power to direct current within the proper voltage and current level that the LED fixture can sustain.

A proper LED circuit driver should supply a constant supply of direct current and regulate the intensity according to temperature changes.

See More How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light

The Benefits of LED Grow Lights

There are numerous added benefits of applying these lamps as when compared to other kinds in the marketplace. Their rewards can only be observed if we evaluate with what other lamps will create as compared to the increased LEDs.

Place Saving Layouts:

To commence with, they are regarded as space preserving patterns, given that other varieties of expand lights have to have a great deal of place in the room and at the identical time they will need to have extra machines to support them run efficiently. With LED lights methods, you can love improved area utilization  as they are tiny and do not occupy a lot of your place in the expand place.

There are no head aches linked with  extra products to operate the lights and you are ready to transfer them freely as you change their situation. Some lights are built to be daisy chained collectively, as a result getting rid of additional cords.

Optimized Light-weight Spectrum:

LED technological innovation lets the wonderful tuning of mild spectrum to generate the finest light that crops need to have to develop in the course of their levels of progress. The electrical power can be concentrated on specified frequency bands, and so you you should not squander electricity making light in the un-usable element of the spectrum.  

LEDs deliver the suitable sort of light-weight electricity that plants need to have.  With other lights, like HPS or MH, you really don’t have the capacity to good tune the spectrum, it is what it is and that is all you get.

Power & Electrical power Economical:

The 3rd gain of this type of expand lights is that they are also general energy efficient. They  save you a lot of money by considerably reducing your  electricity charges. That’s why, they are reputable and are a excellent source of electricity preserving.

Lengthy Long lasting:

Yet another advantage of these lights is that they are long long lasting. They have the skill of serving you for extra than 50,000 several hours of use to about 100,000 hours prior to dying out. Other lights only last for about 20,000 several hours. They are recognized as lower managing temperature lights.

They are the ideal and most responsible mainly because they will not  warm your develop room excessively, so exposing positioning your plants in an non-conducive increasing surroundings.

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