How to grow pot

Whether you’re just starting out learning how to grow marijuana in this new age of hydroponic systems and pot legalization, or whether you learned how to grow pot from your hippie dad (much like I did), either way there is always something to new learn.  Unlike the old days when people didn’t readily speak in public about growing marijuana plants, today it’s a different story.  Luckily there’s so many books available nowadays that provide great growing tips from the sages on how to grow great weed.  And now more than ever, this is becoming a serious business for many.  So if you are one of those folks who doesn’t want to leave things to chance, and who wants the best advantage possible in order to maximize the financial return from your crop, then you should check out these books and see if one of them catches your eye.  Some of these books are definitely THE goto reference for any serious grower to have on their bookshelf.

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