Most Influential Business People in the Marijuana Industry in the US

The marijuana industry is a large one that features some of the most influential business persons in the United States. The medical marijuana business continues to grow as more and more states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana.

1. John Fritzel, Business Owner

After going bankrupt in the realty business back in 2009, Fritzel decided to try out the marijuana industry. He started what is now Lampshade Lab with just two partners in 2010. He now owns and works with a variety of other businesses, including PotCo. Fritzel employs a total of more than 400 employees and even expects to make more than $250 million in revenue by 2018.

2. Justin Gover

Pharma CEO Gover is the CEO of GW Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom, and helps develop drug treatments derived from cannabis. While Gover did not begin the business entirely on his own, he now runs the entire operation, which is worth more than an estimated $1.7 billion. So far, the drug treatments used at GW Pharmaceuticals have successfully treated a rare form of epilepsy. They continue to search for more cannabis-related treatments for epilepsy.

3. Steve Deangelo Investor and Advocate

Investors and advocates have helped tremendously to push the marijuana business forward to where it is today. Advocates help advance the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Deangelo founded Harborside Health Center 10 years ago, which is now one of the largest networks of dispensaries around the country. Deangelo is also president of a research group that works to connect investors with cannabis entrepreneurs.

4. Snoop Dogg, Rapper and Investor

It’s no joke, Snoop Dogg had a big impact on the marijuana industry. Not only did he use his public image to promote marijuana, he even endorsed marijuana products. Snoop has been a long-time supporter of legalization and medical marijuana and has even invested money in the industry. He is the director of Casa Verde Capital, a company that invests in cannabis startups and cannabis delivery services. Snoop recently unveiled his newest company, called Leafs by Snoop, which features a variety of cannabis-infused products.

5. Woody Harrelson

Harrelson is another actor who uses his fame and celebrity to promote the legalization of marijuana. He is also an advocate for better education surrounding cannabis. The actor has stated that using marijuana is a victimless crime and should be considered a personal freedom. He claims he has plans of opening up his own dispensary in Hawaii.

6. Peter Knobel

Knobel is part of several industries, including commercial developer, event planner and more. Now, Knobel is one of the few top businessmen in Denver’s marijuana scene. He, along with four others, hold 134 marijuana business licenses in Denver. That equals around 13 percent of all the total licenses.

7. John Lord

Lord is the CEO of LivWell, the top recreational and medical marijuana business in the country. The dispensaries continue to grow and expand throughout Denver and Southern Colorado. Right now, LiveWell has over 500 employees, but there are currently looking for dozens more. Next, this CEO has plans to expand the company into Oregon.

8. Joseph Max Cohen

Better known as Max Cohen, this former commercial land developers was one of the first businessmen to become licensed for a cannabis business. Taking a chance on that license eventually paid off, as he is now founder and CEO of The Clinic and The Lab, two marijuana dispensaries. Currently, Cohen holds the sole ownership of more than 20 marijuana licenses in the state of Colorado. In just a matter of years, Cohen claims he wants to operate fully in five or six states.

9. Tripp Keber

Keber is currently the CEO of Dixie Brands and has a background in technology and real estate. In 2008, Keber noticed the rising popularity of marijuana in many of the Denver clubs he owned. After releasing his products – which he claimed were great products with responsible dosages – Keber saw great success. While his products are thriving in legalized states of the United States, Keber says he hopes to expand into the Australian market.

10. Josh Ginsberg

This Colorado native got his start in the cannabis business back in 2009. He worked as a caregiver for medical patients. Ginsberg and his wife eventually entered the retail market of marijuana, with a store called The Dandelion. When recreational sales began in 2014, Ginsberg partnered with a larger company called Native Roots. Even with the larger size, the businessman said he always strives for excellent quality. He claims he would never sell something he wouldn’t buy personally.

Influential Business People in the Marijuana Industry

The cannabis industry is currently growing at a rapid rate. Many businessmen have become influential in the medical cannabis industry in the United States. In fact, only a small number of businessmen control the majority of the industry.

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