Are You Addicted to Marijuana? 7 Questions to Find Out

Anyone who says that marijuana is not addictive has obviously never sent an anxiety wracked sleepless night, battling incredible cravings to use. Marijuana is not meth, but the detox is real, and it's tough enough to keep a lot of people using for a lot longer than they'd like to.

Today's marijuana is up to 10 times stronger than the marijuana of decades past and with increased potency comes increased addictive properties. Much of our social perception about the drug were formed in the days when it was pretty tough to get added to what was a pretty mild drug; those days are gone, and addiction and detox are real.

So are you addicted to marijuana?

The following 7 questions are based upon the American Psychological Association's clinical diagnosis test of addiction, and if you can honestly answer yes to three or more of the following questions about your behavior over the last 12 months, then you are addicted.

1) Can you use more marijuana than you used to be able to? Do you need more to get high or to feel the same effects?

2) Do you ever start to feel anxious when you can not get any marijuana? Do you ever take another drug instead when there is no marijuana around?

3) Do you ever smoke more than you had planned on smoking? For example, do you ever have a joint a few hours before work, and instead of stopping at one, find yourself really high a few hours later as you start your job?

4) Have you tried in the past to quit or at least cut down on your smoking, and failed?

5) D) you spend a lot of your time getting high, thinking about getting high, or working to get the money to get high?

6) Have you stopped doing things you used to enjoy because of your smoking habit?

7) Do you continue to use even after you start to experience adverse health or social effects? You continue to use at the same level even as you notice the drug is affecting your ability to think or concentrate, or is having a negative influence on your work or school performance.

So, what's your score?

If you answered yes three or more times you are added to marijuana, and will likely need to spend a few days in withdrawal if you attempt to break free from your habit. Marijuana detox pains are real and they are uncomfortable, but most people can with determination and support make it through, and start to enjoy a better life free from a compulsion to use.

If you try to quit on your own and find that you can not, you need to consider getting professional help for your addiction. There are thousands of people in drug rehabs nationwide for the abuse and addiction of marijuana, and there is no shame at all in getting help when things get out of control.

Source by Christian Shire

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