Advanced Platinum LED Lights Series P300 300w 11-band Review

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 11-band LED Grow Light Review

Here we discuss one of the top selling 300w LED grow light, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 for your consideration.

Though perhaps not as old as Apollo Horticulture, Advanced PlatinumLED has been steadily making a name for itself by virtue of providing excellent HPS and incandescent light replacements in the form of LED grow lights. Having taken up indoor growing as a pastime during my college days, I decided I needed a single all-encompassing grow light that wouldn’t empty my pocket. I found that the Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 11-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER SPECTRUM in particular claimed to produce a large amount of extremely focused light over a substantial area. Buying it on a hunch, I soon discovered that the claims were true, and my success since buying these LED grow lights has led me to contemplate shifting to commercial growing.

All said however, the product is not perfection personified, especially since the product’s pros can become a problem for novices (as was my predicament). Case in point is the light intensity, which novices might find somewhat difficult to modulate as per the plant requirements. Given the possibility for such complexities, it is necessary to take a closer look at this product from Advanced Platinum LED grow lights. By the way, you should also seriously consider getting yourself a pair of safety grow room glasses.

11-band light spectrum from 3W LED lamps

Unlike many mediocre products available in the market, this product comes with an 11 band spectrum that stretches from the infrared on one hand to the ultraviolet. In particular, it focuses only on wavelengths that are useful for photosynthesis, thereby ensuring that the light produced is fully usable by the plants. Furthermore, the intensity of the light produced remains constant courtesy of the excellent 3W LED lamps that have been used in the product.

Great Reflective Angles and Area Coverage

A major part of the efficacy of any grow light comes from the extent to which the reflective lens can focus the light onto a certain area. This product ships with two reflective lenses – a primary 60 degrees one and a secondary 90 degrees one, which together combine to ensure that the area covered is large enough yet the light intensity is never compromised.

Speaking of area covered, this product achieves a remarkable coverage of 4.5 feet by 3.8 feet. This is all the more remarkable because on one hand, the product itself is very compact and on the other, the statistics provided are for an elevation of 18 feet, the ceiling height of most indoor spaces.

Excellent luminosity to wattage ratio

Prior to buying this product, I had briefly experimented with a 400W HPS light I loaned from an acquaintance. The electricity bills were horrendous, and I feared this Advanced Platinum LED grow lights would produce similar results. Much to my relief, the LED lamps used in this product are highly efficient, producing two to three times the light intensity per watt compared to the average HPS grow light. This ensures that instead of going up, my electricity bills have come down significantly.

Dual switch system for easy plant growth stage selection, great warranty

Since the product covers light spectra pertaining to both the vegetative and flowering stages, Advanced PlantinumLED has provided the product with two switches, such that a simple click can shift the spectrum from vegetative to flowering or vice versa. This feature is important in scenarios where space is difficult to find and one has to rotate plants in different stages of growth under the same grow lights.

Lastly, the product comes with an unbeatable 5 year warranty on all parts, and should you not be satisfied with the product in the early stages, a 90 day satisafaction or return guarantee as well.

A few shortcomings

Though the product is ideal for plants that need a lot of light, it may be difficult to moderate the amount of light such that lower intensities are produced. This requires the grow light fixtures to be attached higher than normal if the plants are in their early stages of growth.

A second shortcoming relates to the switches. While they are reasonably hardy and can repel water, excessively frequent usage of the switches can cause a noticeable lag in the time taken for the spectrum to shift. This however is not a major concern since grow light spectra are not meant to be modified at short notices on a regular basis.


Although perhaps not the best solution for those specializing in growing and selling seedlings and young plants, the positive points of the Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 11-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER SPECTRUM easily outshine the negative ones. Indeed, I could not find many LED grow lights that came with 11-band spectrum, which furthermore could be modified through pre-set switches to match the growth phase of the plants. In terms of core technical features like luminosity, reflective angles and area coverage too, this Advanced PlatinumLED product manages to notch up a great score. All considered then, this affordable indoor horticulture product can be the ideal light source for the vast majority of small and medium growing rooms, or if used in tandem with other units, large grow room also.

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