Pros and Cons of Being a Marijuana Grower and Growing Your Own

Growing marijuana seems to be getting more popular by the day and many are considering whether to be a marijuana grower. Some average growers rake in enough profit to quit their day jobs. But these same growers swear it is harder than just tending to plants. Just like with other businesses, people tend to focus only on the few success stories. Lots of growers fail or downright quit due to the heavy demands of the trade.

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Check out the following list for reasons why growing cannabis can be quite a pain.

10 Reasons Why It Sucks Being a Marijuana Grower

You might need a bank loan

Start-up costs for marijuana growing are usually higher than people realize. Bigger investments are now needed for commercial growing. This is due to the increase in the number of growers in the past few years. A small indoor facility requires starting capital north of $50,000 for commercial feasibility. This simply covers the starting equipment. More expenses are incurred monthly through utility bills and miscellaneous costs.

Endless regulations

In Colorado, adults can grow only up to 12 marijuana plants at home and they cannot sell their produce. In addition, they can only have their plants in a locked space that minors cannot access. Commercial cannabis growing requires a license. That entails becoming one of the thousands of applicants vying for a few hundred spots. Getting a license can take months.

Your local church will disown you

Some individuals and communities are not liberal about cannabis use. Given the varying opinions on marijuana, a grower might become an outcast within their social circles. This could mean losing friends and family. There is still hot public debate on the acceptability of cannabis use, and being a grower means picking a side.

Finding a suitable environment

Of course, there is no need for a Ph.D. in plant science to raise a room full of marijuana plants. But creating a suitable growing environment for the plants can be a huge challenge. While it is cheaper to setup outdoors, the plants are left at the mercy of the weather and pests. Meanwhile, indoor projects are expensive and involve major construction.

Endless variables to control

Many things could go wrong with growing cannabis. The ideal temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH range is a narrow 6.3 to 6.8. A grower also has to keep an eye on humidity levels and air circulation. Staying on top of all the variables is a chore.

Plant diseases and pests are always lurking

A grower has to be familiar with disease symptoms and do around the clock checks for pests. A whole batch can be destroyed if pests and diseases are not kept in check, and the bigger the project, the bigger the risk of loss. If indoor plants are affected, this could mean clearing out the growing space and losing the plants and time.

It is a long term investment

Growing projects can take up to 6 months. Considering the intensive babysitting and resources that are needed for that long, growing can be costly. The process can be speeded up by extended lighting, but this hikes the electricity bill. After months of attending to the plants, many growers get impatient and harvest too early.

Stiff competition and a flooded market

Marijuana prices have been dropping in the last few years. Many new growers have entered the industry and driven up the market supply. In 2016, wholesale prices fell by half. With more people building grow houses, marijuana prices could still plummet further. This is bad news for growers since profits are less and there is an increasing number of competing growers.

Huge energy footprint

A 2011 peer-reviewed scientific report by Berkley Scientist, Evan Mills, stated that legal indoor marijuana growing accounted for 1% of the electricity used in the US. This is $6 billion of electricity, and 15 million tons of CO2, which is the emission from 3 million cars. Indoor projects can be a huge financial drain for the individual, and they are also bad news for the environment.

The grower is only one player in the supply chain

At the end of the day, even if the grower has everything lined up perfectly, their success is going to depend on other people. There is the DEA, licensing committees and regulators to be appeased. Then the inputs suppliers have to be reliable as well. Moreover, selling requires building trust with a good number of people.

So clearly the marijuana growing business is not as inviting as it seems, what with high costs to start, plummeting profits, heavy regulation and possible social exclusion by friends and family.

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10 Reasons Why It Rocks Being a Marijuana Grower

Imagine if America had a hyper liberal black president that did not support decriminalizing or growing marijuana at all? Wouldn’t he actually respect personal freedom, and free Americans from the bonds of a bogus war on drugs that targeted minorities in gross mass incarceration tactics?

Now, Imagine a hyper-conservative, billionaire president that didn’t respect state’s rights, personal responsibility and commerce? Neither did or planned to do anything positive about marijuana laws, mass incarceration, or personal and state’s rights. In doing so, they have made the cartels trillion dollar entities. People, this means we are on our own, so why enable anyone but ourselves.

1. Fight the power and grow marijuana

In spite of the gains made by marijuana advocates, the man is against us, and this time, it does not matter which color or political stripe they may occupy. The cartel is the man too!! It is the importation of marijuana that has netted these cartels billions and much more than any other drug, and consequently this means people are contributing directly to the carnage by street purchasing. So not being a hypocrite by contributing to any of that mess is a good reason to grow marijuana on your own.

2. Blood Weed

Replace diamonds in Africa with weed and the violence and death would be approximately the same. Because weed is the longstanding bread and butter of the cartels, they protect this billion dollar product with complete disrespect for human life. The irony is that the same people that would never buy a blood diamond are not conscience enough not to make the connection and not contribute by street purchases. So not being a hypocrite by contributing to any of that mess is a good reason to grow your on.

3. Quality control

Besides ruining weed with perfume or other chemically odors on hands, where else has those hands been? Additionally, microorganisms and insects can infect non-inspected poorly sourced marijuana. Quality control can also be assurance in knowing the exact type of marijuana that you have cultivated. Purveyors make up all types of names to make their products seem different, but often it is just unprovable hype. Furthermore, these exotic names are often used to pawn off inferior product.

4. Fingertips

Growing your own keeps everyone’s sticky fingertips off your herb, both figuratively and literally. Its not just who touched it, but it is also how many people handled your herb that should make you want to stop the touch train. When you grow your own, you can avoid touching your buds at all before you imbibe them. Perfumey hands can give a chemical taste to your bud that is really gross.

5. Hash

Hash is a basically pure weed oil, but the great part about it is that this oil is present even in the clippings and trim that is a by product if your growing and harvesting adventure. This hash is a good as any hash because it is the concentrated final product, so its source does not matter. The ironic part is that this goldmine of potential hash is regarded as trash.

6. Value

The ability to make hash adds to the value of growing your own greatly, but this extra hash value is only in combination with the relatively cheap growing process especially in outdoor grows that do not require tons of equipment. This makes even really rare and potent strains of cheap weed not only accessible, but abundant.

7. Free seeds

With your growing experience, you will discover that purchasing seeds becomes expensive and, the value of breeding or at least producing seeds becomes evident. When you become adept, you can breed seeds by cross-pollinating for your own signature strains. This also allows you to know the exact type of herb that you are utilizing.

8. Privacy

There is still a significant stigma that still surrounds the use of marijuana. Being able to forgo the sourcing process by growing your own weed will protect your privacy, so you will not have to inquire about a source in sensitive places like work.

9. Variety

Due to the expense of certain strains of marijuana in which growing your own will certainly defeat is the ability to grow many different strains at once. This will provide the vaunted variety of master strains without going broke.

10. Freedom

Removing expense from the equation offers a user the ability to utilize their crop in many ways beyond simply making hash. Growing your own allows you the quantity to not only make edibles and pure oils, but to experiment and put your name on this emerging industry.

Which president would be good for marijuana or a state’s right to make marijuana legal? It does not matter because real freedom is growing your own, so here is all the motivation you need because if it is nothing else, it is resistance.

Here’s an informative video you may enjoy about the growing business.

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